...Evidentiary Issues
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  • Social worker's testimony at dispositional hearing, based on substance abuse counselor's hearsay voice mail message, properly admitted where evidence was relevant and otherwise reliable.
  • The right to confrontation is a trial right, and consideration by the delinquency court of a statement by counsel for the County Counsel Dept. does not implicate the right to confrontation.
  • Although witness statements in DCFS report were hearsay, they, together with other evidence, provided sufficient corroboration amounting to substantial evidence of mother's drug use and W&IC 300b findings.
  • Juvenile court had inherent authority to issue the injunction against mother to protect DCFS staff under W&IC 281 and Malinda S.; hearsay contained in SW's declaration was admissible.
  • Even if F's medical records were hearsay, they were admissible at jurisdictional hearing under W&IC 355 and corroborated by mother's testimony.
  • Hearsay evidence, inadmissible at jurisdiction hearing, may be considered at a dispositional hearing in delinquency case.
  • Child's hearsay declaration to witness not admissible for its truth where child lacked personal knowledge of truth of her statement.