...Delinquency Matters
......Contributing to Delinq. of Minor
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  • Parents or legal guardian have the duty to exercise reasonable care, supervision, protection, and control over their minor child.
  • Adult strangers contacting [including via phone or internet] minors under 14 to lure or transport them from home without parent/guardian express consent, and with intent to avoid such consent, guilty of infraction or misdemeanor.
  • PC 272 amendment, making parent liable for minor’s dependency or delinquency if in breach of duty of control, does not violate due process.
  • M's presence during his girlfriend's delinquent behavior didn't prove he caused or contributed to it—M doesn't contribute to another's delinquency when they simply run away from authority figures at the same time.
  • Neither 17-yr. old M nor father liable for fire started by 15-yr. old to whom M gave cigarette.