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......Responsibility for Acts of Minor
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  • Responsibility for willful or negligent acts; torts; contributory negligence.
  • Parents liable for minor children’s willful misconduct or torts.
  • Parents liable for injury caused by discharge of firearm by minor under 18.
  • Mother’s consent to 14 yr. old’s buying gun not valid defense where she aided straw man in conspiracy and making false statements when buying gun for M.
  • Victim of M's arson accepting payment from mother's insurer in full release of all claims against mother and son precluded any W&IC 730.7 restitution liability on mother's part.
  • Mother jointly and severally liable for economic damages arising out of criminal act M committed as a minor, even though he turned 18 before restitution order was imposed.
  • Parents not liable for negligent supervision of minor visitor to their home who was sexually assaulted by another minor and they had no actual knowledge he had propensity for sexual assault.
  • Tortfeasor seeking partial equitable indemnity may rely on Civ. Code §1714.1 imposing financial responsibility on parents of errant minor.
  • Parents may be liable for negligently safeguarding rifle from minor son who used it in driveby highway shootings.